Not sure which size case is best for you?

Small Suitcase

The small size suitcase is ideal for cabin/carry on luggage and are small enough to easily fit in the overhead compartments. The dimensions are 56 x 23 x 36cm which is compatible for most airlines carry on size. This size case is also great for short trips and weekends away. The small suitcase size also lends itself well for logo/branded cases as the suitcase
will be visible from the moment you step in the airport, all the way to the plane.

Medium Suitcase

The medium size suitcase is ideal for a week’s trip or longer, depending on how you pack. It is 68 x 26 x 45cm so is a check in size suitcase and allows enough room for all your needs while helping to limit the amount you take so that you don’t go over weight restrictions that a lot of airlines have.

Large Suitcase

The large size suitcase is the biggest suitcase available and is ideal for either long breaks of 2 weeks or more or is great if you are packing for more than 1 person. There is an extendable zip so is 78 x 28 x 52cm collapsed or 78 x 32 x 52cm at it’s biggest.

Business Suitcase

The business suitcase does what it says on the tin. It is perfect to take along on business trips to gain some company exposure and has a top opening for easy accessibility with a padded laptop compartment which makes it ideal when you need to work while travelling. It is 42 x 46 x 22cm so is suitable to take as a carry-on for most airlines and is
large enough to fit a change of clothes as well as business essentials.

Kids Suitcase

The kid’s suitcase is ideal for your little one’s and is small enough for them to be able to wheel their case with ease while still being able to fit a good selection of items. It is 43.5 x 29 x 20.5cm so is able to be used as a carry-on for most airlines and is a good alternative if the airlines requirements are smaller than the dimensions of the small suitcase.

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