How This Works

  1. Fill out the application form with your company details to apply for a wholesale account
  2. Await confirmation that your wholesale application has been accepted
  3. If your wholesale application has been accepted, we will send a link to email on your application, prompting you enter a secure password
  4. Once you have created your account, sign in and you will be eligible for your wholesale discount

What is Wholesale and is it right for me?

A wholesaler is a company who sells products in bulk to retailers for onward sale. We are able to sell products at a lower price due to the number of products sold. We are also able to sell to individuals or companies who aren’t looking to sell suitcases on, but are looking to buy a large quantity such as for corporate travel or gifting. 

You may want a wholesale account if:

  • You are looking to sell your designs and want to keep the suitcases in stock to dispatch from your warehouse/fulfilment facility
  • You have a retail shop and want to keep suitcases in stock for immediate purchase
  • You are a corporate company who is looking to reward staff / gift an innovative promotional item
  • You want to raise brand awareness through suitcases for staff who travel
  • You want to order a large number of suitcases for an event such as a hen weekend
  • You are a brand who wants to gift suitcases as part of PR

 To sign up for a wholesale account or for any further enquiries, please sign up using our simple form and we will get in touch.

If you want to sell your designs but are looking for smaller/ individual purchases being sent direct to the customer, then we are able to dropship. For more details on what dropshipping is and to open a dropshipping account, please click below.

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